What we do

IPO or List in public markets in Europe & Canada

Looking to raise money through an IPO or a public listing? For many companies, it is far easier to launch your company on smaller yet prestigious exchanges such as the Toronto Stock Exchange, London’s AIM market and Frankfurt as well as other stock exchanges around the world. It’s often less expensive and a lot simpler to begin your journey here – so that you can receive the funds you need.

How we help your IPO succeed

We provide a complete package for companies who are looking to go public. We specialize in the London AIM exchange, the stock exchanges in Toronto and Frankfurt, we also successfully completed listings in Toronto stock exchange & several other exchanges around the world. Aloni haft offers a detailed process for its IPO clients. In order to properly advise you, we take a ‘hands on’ approach, adding value every step of the way:

  • We help to create a compelling investment with a business story that contains a proper initial valuation to attract the appropriate professionals.
  • We then help you choose the right brokers, bankers, lawyers, accountants, public relations consultants and experts to ensure you get the right exposure.
  • We assist in providing a bridge loan if needed a finance IPO or cash flow.
  • We help you to prepare for due diligence as well as assist in preparing financial, business and marketing documents.
  • We assist in completing all the necessary regulatory documents
  • We spend time fine tuning your prospectus, pitch documents and presentation.
  • We advise on training your leadership team for road– show pitches.
  • We help finalize your corporate and board structures.
  • We assist in pricing, and listing the company.

We also act as your representative with other advisors to ensure that your wishes are carried out and your best interests are being protected.
In Brief, we are there for you.

Trade Finance

Aloni haft is a leading expert in providing insight on the global supply chain and trade finance. In addition, our specialist brokers work with leading network of expert lenders and advisors have helped SMBs and other businesses gaining access to over 100$ m funding in 2016.
Our key advantages:

  • Accounts receivable financing and factoring allowing the bank or a non-bank vendor advance up to 90% of the receivable's value just as soon as the goods are shipped.
  • Equipment provides 60 to 65 percent of its value as collateral for a loan.
  • PO financing – we will lend you up to 85% of the value of your POs
  • Import and export financing – based on POs and or commitments from, we can assist you in obtaining funds to keep your import and export activities and efficient as possible.

Finding the balance between cost and market efficiencies requires diligence attention to the smallest details.

The bottom line: achieve finance growth at the lowest costs available.

Real Estate Financing

Aloni haft has access to significant funds earmarked for financing real estate projects. Our team looks at the total cost of ownership of every potential real estate projects – understanding every facet including location, zoning, regulations, taxation, financing, marketing and approvals.

Aloni haft developed process for major real estate projects includes:

  • Providing financial assistance for residential, industrial, commercial and office building project in Israel and overseas.
  • Initial understanding and feasibility study of the proposed project.
  • Development of a master financial and project plans.
  • Raising capital through a variety of methods.

Our experienced team guide the developers through every step, helping to ensure that deadlines are met and projects are able generate income as early as possible.

Arranging debt financing

If you manage an established business and looking to scale, there are several debts finance tools you can consider: Debts or growth finance is a cost – effective way to achieve your goals. being the leader in alternative finance, we understand the complexities of both standard and non-standard financing methods and funding sources.

We have significant experience and can help you create a growth finance solution for your company by using our experience, unique analytical skills and variety of financial tools.

These include:
Bank financing –we work with all local Israeli and many global banks. We can assist in obtaining both short and long-term loans.

Non-Banking loans –these can be accessed from institutional lenders including insurance companies, investment houses and other large companies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Most of our clients are growth – focused companies who want to expand or adapt to thrive in rapidly changing market conditions. Whether you are looking to acquire a company, or to be acquired as part of an exit strategy, Aloni haft can help achieve your goals.

Our clients trust us to help them accomplish their strategic and financial business objectives through the right M&A transaction. We have the experience and the right network with reputable overseas firms to ensure that no matter where your business takes you, we will be there to help.

The bottom line:
We generate more value, enable our customers to grow and choose the right companies to fuel this growth with.

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